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Technology and data will also cut down on people's time and wastage. Our approach, that not only supports our products and community, will allow you to order your clothing in advance.

This saves you unnecessary trips to shops and allows us to make your products on time just for you. Never again will you not be able to find your favourite product. If you want us to deliver the same pair of work trousers as you have had for the past two years then we will make them for you. Being a SAAS based company means less stockpiling of products, less emissions and water usage, less vehicles moving products across the globe or inside the UK / EU and although this is a small step now this will lead all industries to follow when purchasing products. 

Everytime we launch a new product all we need to do is to produce one sample. Based on your previous products we will know if this product will suit you and then we will recommend it and make your product just for you. 

No second guessing the new trend, no wastage of products that manufacturers normally make in the thousands, ship to distribution stores and hope that their products sell. Wasting fuel to distribute the products globally, waste water in the process of dying fabrics and precious energy resources, that all have catastrophic impacts on our planet.

For any producer of clothing declaring they are a green company and declaring they are adhering to the global warming crisis, the only true way to seriously reduce this problem is to change our approach to manufacturing by making it as local to the source of usage and only when you need it.

Oxford Workwear is also to have a range of “Made in Great Britain”, This is no easy task! Years of production being shipped abroad means our skill levels have dropped severely, however we have the help of some like minded industry leaders with the required skills that will help us reinvent the clothing economy in the UK. 

This isn't just a manufacturing startup, this is the very start of a new approach to this industry and about creating a sustainably produced Global brand. Our vision is to produce a product that completes the circular economy of manufacturing and innovation whilst allowing the distribution of funds to the people of Oxford and eventually beyond.

What do I do next to always get my favourite pair of trousers?

We recommend 2 to 3 pairs of work trousers on a duty cycle over a 12 month period, so if you have just purchased one new pair of Oxford Workwear Pants, then order yourself another. This way you have one in the wash whilst you are going about your daily work! Order your second item on a subscription option and get it delivered in 6 months time. This way you will be sure that you will get your favourite pair, made for you. This helps us elimate over producing, saving energy and un-neccesary production costs. This gives you the product you like everytime, on time and saves you money. 

Select your workwear trousers or footwear and order for UK held stock or for delivery when you think it best you receive it. 

Footwear - we recommend 10-12 months per pair! You like your new Oxford Workwear safety boots or trainers? Get your next pair on order and ready for delivery when you want them. Remember you can set up as little or as many delivery dates as you want.

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