The item I want is out of stock, when will it be back in?

We aim to replenish out of stock items within 2-3 weeks, however, this timescale may be extended depending on the product and supply. As soon as replenishment stock is received our website and systems will be updated accordingly to reflect this. You can check stock for deliveries and in store collection at any time, by viewing the product and line and checking available against your chosen store.

Alternatively, check out our recommended products as they may suit your requirements.


How do I add my promotional voucher or code to my order and how do I know it has been applied successfully?

This can be applied within the checkout process on the “Your Cart” page.

Please enter the code and then click apply code to proceed. If the code has been accepted you will see that the discount has been applied in your basket, a summary of the promotion will be displayed.

To add a promotional voucher or code to your order in store or by telephone, please ensure that you provide the customer number detailed on the offer to the member of staff along with the code.


My order will not submit, or I am receiving an error message, what should I do?

There could be several reasons for this, first, if you are receiving an error message, please take a screenshot of this and keep a note of your browser and device, as this may be needed. Then clear your basket, fully log out and close the webpage and then delete your Oxford Workwear temporary Internet files and Cookies. Then refresh the browser and log back in and try again. If you are still encountering an issue, please contact us.


Can I amend my order after placing it?

Due to the speed in which our orders are processed through our systems and distribution centres it is not possible to make any amendments after the order is placed, this works differently for our subscription services.


When will I receive my order confirmation email?

Order confirmations are sent shortly after order submission to the registered email address against your account. In addition, a despatch confirmation will be sent for delivery to home orders.