The End of an era Dickies Workwear closes its UK HQ

I guess like me, you probably were totally shocked at the announcement last year regarding Dickies exit from the workwear market. It not only leaves a huge gap in the industry for the end users but also for the many distributors who rely on this brand to make a living.

We personally have sold Dickies for nearly 30 years and to have the rug pulled from under us was a kick in the teeth for everyone who has sold the brand, helped promote it and make it the product it is today. It's not bad enough that the VF corporation felt that it had the right to destroy so many people's livelihoods for working for an amazing brand but also for the devoted users of the product. Great news though if you want to buy Dickies, you can get it shipped in from the EU, which makes returns a joke and in my humble opinion now not a functional product unless you want to go to work on a skateboard.

There are countless companies now trying their hardest to fill this near £100m gap in our economy and I applaud you all for your innovation and quick reaction to help the industry and also finding work for the amazing team of Dickies ex employees.

For us we could have sat back and waited for one of the many great brands to fill the gap but we wanted to give it a fair crack of the whip and introduce you all to something that has come just at the right time.

This is Oxford Workwear